Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Dead Island Riptide

No, I am not going to review Dead Island Riptide. I didn't like the first game and it sounds like this one still has all the problems the first game had. ...Also I'm sick and tired of zombies.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us Game Review

Injustice: Gods Among Us is the ultimate clash of the titans that every DC comics fan has dreamed about. From NetherRealm Studios (the guys now in charge of Mortal Kombat) introduced the game to the world at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con. It drew my interest with its highly detailed character models (most of which DC should really consider using in future movies) and highly interactive levels. With the game building hype over the past year, it is finally out and after playing it, I am very pleased. It’s a very fun fighting game and is what fans have probably been hoping for. Is it perfect? No. But let’s take a closer look.

STORY: Fighting games are not exactly well known from having good stories. They’re mainly just an excuse to give reason to why everyone is beating each other up. If you’re playing a fighting game JUST for the story, then, well, you’re doing it wrong. That said, I was quite impressed with Injustice’s story mode. If you don’t want any spoilers then I suggest you skip down to the next paragraph. Heavily influenced by the Crisis on Two Earths story arch, several members of the Justice League find themselves somehow transported to an alternate Earth. On this Earth’s timeline, Metropolis was destroyed by the Joker, killing millions including Lois Lane and Superman’s unborn child. In his blind rage, Superman killed The Joker and unleashed his power on the world forming a brutal global dictatorship under his rule. Anyone who did not join him, he destroyed. The Justice League from Earth One find themselves having to stop their alternate universe selves and team up some unlikely allies to bring down the rule of this evil Superman.

Like I said, for a fighting game, I usually don’t expect a good or long story. But Injustice goes the extra mile and delivers a compelling story worthy of any of their comics. The cut scenes were entertaining and the story moves at really good pace so it never gets too slow or too fast and the fights never feel just thrown in there or pointless. The short mode is short at around 3 to 4 hours but I can’t see it going on longer than that and there is plenty of other content on this game. The game’s fighting roster is quite impressive with 25 well known and more obscure super heroes from the DC universe. You have the big six: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and The Flash and their arch enemies like Lex Luthor, The Joker, Sinestro, Doomsday, ect. But you also have some lesser known characters like Shazam and Ares.  All of these characters are portrayed really well and all have their own unique game canon endings when you complete the classic arcade mode with them.

Now I may be a big Batman fan but I will admit that the roster is pretty heavy on Batman characters. Oh, and no Martian Manhunter. You see him in the background of a level but you never get to play as him. I am a bit disappointed by that. The only real negative thing I can say about the game’s story is that it really won’t appeal to those who are not fans of DC comics. There are so many references to the DC universe through the story and game, it might require a little research to figure out who some of these people are and such. If you don’t like the comics or the cartoon shows, then you probably won’t be able to get into the story. For those who are DC fans, you’ll hopefully love the story.

GAMEPLAY: The fighting system for Injustice can be described as easy to learn, difficult to master. Most of the characters share the same button combinations for moves but they are all different for each. If you can memorize most of those moves then you’re good to go. One thing new that Injustice brings to the table is the ability to tag moves on the move list screen and display them for you below your life bar in game. This is something that I hope all fighting games do from now on. This almost eliminates having to keep pausing and unpausing to try and pull off a move. Each character has a unique ultimate super move which will trigger a mini-cut scene if it connects. For example, Superman’s super move will punch your opponent into space; Superman will fly up and slam them back down to Earth. Obviously, this does a lot of damage. While pulling off these moves are simple (hit L and R trigger together when your power meter is filled) and they are satisfying, they only have one cut scene for the move so seeing these moves over and over will get old pretty quick, especially if you’re playing the same character repeatedly. Another gimmick the game has is the Clash wager mode. When initiated, a mini-cut scene will start and you must pick how much of your power meter you want to wager by pressing the buttons that correspond on screen and then the characters will attack each other in an epic clash. If you win the wager, then you hurt your opponent and you regain some health and vice versa. This also depletes however much of your power bar you wagered. The idea is cool but it has some major issues. First of all, I have no idea how to initiate these things. They seem to happen at random during the match and often cause me to place my wager before I know what is going on. Secondly, if you’re playing against the computer, it is always going to wager everything it has so if you don’t have a full meter, you’re screwed. This was a neat idea but it could have been handled differently.

The stages are designed to be multi-tiered and interactive. There are all kinds of things in the level you can grab, kick, and blow up to use in your fights. The stages also fall apart as the fight rages on. It is easy to know when you’re near something that you can interact with as the button you need to press will appear near your life bar. This adds another level of strategy to your fights and how to make the best use out of the stage. You can also knock opponents into other parts of the stage if you hit them hard enough on the far right or left side of the screen and send them flying. These are a lot of fun to pull off. Something else that Injustice does that I haven’t seen before in a fighter is the removal of rounds during a match. You have two life bars instead with a brief pause for the characters to get up or taunt the other before continuing the fight. This keeps the game flowing instead of the screen having to reset itself and announce what round it is. The character victory animations are amusing but they could have used more variation. The same pose or lines of dialogue after each match gets old. Also the game is all one on one. There are no team fights or tag matches. This is definitely a missed opportunity here because you could have made some really interesting teams with this game’s roster.

There are many game modes to unlock and play in this game. Aside from the story mode, you also have the classic arcade, heroes only, villains only, mirror matches, and at least 20 other modes to play. There are also the STAR lab missions which are around 300 mini-missions to play with each character. You earn stars for each objective you complete in the mission. These are neat but the only way to know what the objectives are is to view them on the mission select screen. You cannot view them while in the mission or if you can, they are not clearly visible. This game has lots of content to unlock as well. You gain XP in all the matches you take part in and level up which unlocks costumes, artwork, music, ect which can be viewed in the archives. You also unlock pictures for your fighter ID card which has become a big thing in fighting games over the past few years. Personally, I could care less about it. There are no characters to unlock that I know of but there is a character DLC pack coming out very soon which will include Lobo. Oh, we’ll be fun to play as.

GRAPHICS AND SOUND:  Like I said before, DC should really use these designs for future movies. All the super heroes look awesome and have excellent designs. They are a mix of designs from movies and the New 52 comics. Hawkgirl’s design stands out with her beautifully rendered wings. The stages are also beautifully detailed and filled with all kinds of references to various DC comics. The Arkham Asylum level is filled with references to the Rocksteady Arkham games including some cameos from some of its inmates. The graphics for the cut scenes during the story mode are slightly less impressive. The environments look rather dull and dry compared to the actual fighting stages but this is pretty common in fighting games. Dead Or Alive 5 had the same issue. The artwork for this game is amazing. Just look up some of it. The same style of artwork is used for the individual endings for the arcade mode.

The voice acting in this game is great. It includes many voice actors from various animated versions of the Justice League reprising their roles, the most notable being Kevin Conroy reprising his role as Batman. Jennifer Hale did the voice of Hawkgirl. She doesn’t say all that much but when she did, I couldn’t help but think of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. Tara Strong reprises her roles as Harley Quinn (started with Arkham City) and as Raven though Teen Titan fans might be disappointed that she speaks in a deep demonic voice rather than how she talked in the show. Sadly, Mark Hamill does not reprise his role as The Joker. The new guy is alright but Hamill’s voice is sorely missing. The music is fitting with an epic sound but nothing I would write home about. The voice acting is what will stand out in the audio department to the fans.

Overall, Injustice is one of the best super hero themed games I’ve ever played and one of the better fighting games I’ve ever played. Those two things might be the game’s greatest strengths and its greatest weaknesses. If you’re not a fan of fighting games, this will not win you over. If you’re not a fan of DC comics, I have a feeling you’ll have a very hard time getting into this game. If you are a fan of both fighting games and DC super heroes, go get this game now. It has its flaws but for the most part it’s a sold fighting game with a great story, lots of content and modes to play. I hope to see in the gaming rooms at conventions in the near future. Thanks for reading! My next review will definitely be the much praised and hyped Bioshock Infinite.


-Fun and easy to use fighting system with awesome unique moves
-Excellent story with lots of legendary characters to choose from
-Lots of content and DLC support on the way

-Clash wager system, while interesting on paper, is poorly executed
-Super moves and victory poses lack variation and can get old quick
-This game is not likely to appeal to those who are not DC comics fans

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Batman Arkham Origins: Predictions and Speculations

I love Batman Arkham City. I played that game so many times. I’ve played it so many times that I know exactly where all the Riddler trophies are and the quickest ways to collect them all. Arkham City is easily one of the best games I have played in the past five years and I have been waiting to hear what the next move for Rocksteady’s Arkham series will be. Earlier this week we finally got some solid info on the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins. While I heard about this title earlier this year, I was worried that since it’s not being made by Rocksteady, instead WB Interactive MontrĂ©al, that this wouldn’t live up to previous game. However, given what I’ve read about the game this week and the potential it has, I’m getting real excited.  This is going to be a rundown of what is known about the game so far and some of my own speculations and predictions for the game. I wouldn’t say any of this is spoilers but if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to anything about a game before playing it, I would suggest you stop reading here.  I might also being giving some spoilers about Arkham City so if you haven’t played that game, stop reading now and go play it.
It was announced some time last year that the next installment in the Arkham series would be a prequel, not a direct sequel to Arkham City. If you’ve played Arkham City, you’d know there were many things in the game pointing to a definite sequel. Also during the Joker ‘acceptance’ video for winning a VGA award, he drops a script called Batman: Arkham World and then says ‘Oops! Spoilers!’ So I was a little disappointed to hear the next Arkham game was going to be a prequel and said to be set during the silver age of the Dark Knight’s comics. It was clear that they were going the Metal Gear Solid route in making the third game a prequel before making the true sequel to the second game (ie: MGS4 is the true sequel to MGS2, not MGS3). I’m fine with that but when it was announced that Rocksteady wouldn’t be handling the game I became disappointed again fearing that this might just be a cheap cash-in game to keep the fans held over.  However, after looking at what was revealed this week, Arkham Origins holds a lot of potential.

WHAT WE KNOW: So far it has been revealed that this will be set in Batman’s early days with heavy inspiration from the Batman: Year One story arch but it’s not going to just be a game version of the comic. What I find that the Arkham games have done really well is set up its own Batman universe while drawing inspiration from pretty much every medium Batman has appeared in. While they have mainly used the comics as source material, they’ve also taken inspiration from the animated series and movies (I can’t help but think the shark in Penguin’s museum was a throwback to the DEADLY MANEATING EXPLODING SHARK from the 60s Batman movie). I honestly like the characters, setting, and follow through of the Arkham games a lot more than Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.
The setting for Origins goes like this. It’s set on Christmas Eve in Gotham City and there is some kind of gang war brewing between Black Mask and the Penguin. As Batman investigates, he becomes the target of several world famous assassins who have come to Gotham to kill the Bat. In addition to defeating these assassins, Batman must figure out who is behind it. The game will be open world and we will have free reign to explore Gotham City including what later becomes Arkham City. You will also have access to a Batcave (I don’t know if is THE Batcave or not) and be able to use the Batwing as a form of quick travel system. Since the game is called Arkham Origins, obviously we’re going to be getting some origin stories here. They have made it clear that it is not Batman’s origin story they will be covering, after all, that’s been done to death as it is.

-Batman (Obviously): We have a younger and less experienced Batman here. That doesn’t mean he is any less badass or tough but he is less refined in his combat and tactics. Facing these assassins might serve as his first major challenge as a super hero.
-Deathstroke: One of the confirmed assassins to be hunting the Batman and probably one of his chief rivals in the game. Deathstroke is kind of like DC’s version of Dead Pool but not as funny. He is most well known as being one of the arch villains of the Teen Titans. He is easily a match for Batman in terms of fighting skills.
-Roman Sionis aka Black Mask: One of my favorite Batman villains and had a small cameo in Arkham City. Sionis wears a black skull like mask made from the coffin of his dead parents. He has a hatred for Bruce Wayne after he ran him out of business and turned to crime becoming one of the biggest crime bosses in Gotham.
-Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin: Penguin is one of Batman’s oldest villains and was one of the main villains in Arkham City. We see a younger Cobblepot in Origins and does not have the broken bottle shoved into his eye yet to look like a monocle which he sported in the previous game. He seems to be in a gang war with Black Mask
-Alberto Falcone: Son of the of crime lord Carmine Falcone. He is being held hostage by the Penguin for unknown reasons
-Jim Gordon:  We will see a younger Jim Gordon in Origins and he is still a captain in the GCPD.
-Branden: A character from the Batman Year One story arch. He’s the team leader of the GCPD SWAT unit and his looking to take down Batman. He might be working with the assassins.
-Alfred Pennyworth: Bruce Wayne’s trusted butler will probably be serving as this game’s radio and tech support much the way Oracle has in the past two games. While Alfred was in Arkham City, will probably play a bigger role and get some screen time in Origins.  

WHO COULD BE IN IT? (These are mostly my speculations)
-The Joker: When the game was first announced as a prequel, it was mention that the game would focus on the first time Batman encountered The Joker. While there was no mention of the Joker in Game Informer’s article, that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing the rising of the Clown Prince of Crime in this game. I speculate that one of the assassins could be the first Red Hood. If you follow the comics, the most widely accepted Joker origin story is from the 1988 graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke where the Red Hood gets knocked into a vat of acid by Batman and becomes the Joker. We could see something similar in Arkham Origins. If the Joker returns, will he be voiced by Mark Hamill? In my opinion, Mark Hamill is the best Joker there has ever been. However, after Arkham City he said that it was his last performance as the Joker. But then a few weeks later he seemed to go back on it in an interview and then back on it again later. You know celebrities can be.
-Harvey Dent aka Two-Face: The district attorney who becomes the hideously deformed crime boss known as Two-Face was one of the major villains in Arkham City though he primarily acted as the rival to Catwoman more than Batman. We could see how he becomes scared in Arkham Origins and descends into madness or just see him as the DA before any of that happens. His character has not been confirmed so this is just my speculation.
-Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot: Deadshot was the villain for one of the side missions in Arkham City and is known as the world’s greatest assassin with a gun. I think there is a pretty high chance he could appear as one of the assassin’s Batman faces.
-Ra’s al Ghul: Another major villain from Arkham City, secret master mind behind Arkham City, and the head of the League of Assassins. There is a strong chance he could have a hand in who these assassins are taking orders from and create a greater connection to the previous two game’s story.
-Dick Grayson: We could see how Batman meets Grayson for the first time and how he recruits him to become the first Robin. Dick previously appeared as Nightwing in DLC add-ons for Arkham City.
-Selina Kyle: We could also see Batman’s first encounter with Catwoman or see how she becomes the Catwoman.

As for what Rocksteady’s current project is, it is being kept under wraps for now. If it is the purposed Arkham World then it’s likely we won’t see it till 2014 or 2015 and could be on next gen consoles by then. In terms of story, I have no idea what it could be really. I just know it’ll probably be bigger than both Arkham City and Arkham Origins. It could also introduce the Justice League and maybe lead to a Justice League game. After the success of Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, many fans have been wanting to see Rocksteady try to make a game just as good as their Batman games for other super heroes, namely Superman. Poor Superman really could use a good game and a good movie. We’ll see how Man of Steel does this summer. As for Batman: Arkham Origins, I have a feeling we’ll see a teaser trailer very soon. There is a high likely hood we could see it after Injustice: Gods Among Us releases next week. Speaking of which, be on the lookout for my review of Injustice coming in a couple weeks. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tomb Raider (Finally) Game Review

I have never played a Tomb Raider game before in my life. All I knew about the series was that Lara Croft was one of the first sex symbols in video games for being a busty, hot pants wearing, duel welding badass. So I can say with no nostalgia or connection to the previous games that the Tomb Raider reboot is really good. It’s nice to approach a reboot with no experience with the series unlike the previous two reboots I have reviewed this year. Tomb Raider might be the best game I have played since Batman Arkham City and coming from me, that means a lot. This game does an amazing job of giving rebirth to the character of Lara Croft with dignity and showing us how she became the way Tomb Raider fans have always known her. Crystal Dynamics did an amazing job creating a beautiful adventure game and creating a strong start to a new Tomb Raider series. I was considering whether or not I should do a review for this game since main stream game reviewers have been putting out reviews for this over a month now. But after playing it I feel I really should throw my two cents in there and since you’re reading this hopefully you do care what my opinion might be. That said, while I am very impressed with this game and really enjoyed it, but like everything in life; it’s not perfect so let’s take a closer look.

STORY: The young Lara Croft has set out on her first expedition with some of her close friends to find the lost island of Yamatai, an ancient country of Japan which they believe to be located in the Dragon’s Triangle (which is the Pacific version of the Bermuda Triangle). Their ship is caught in a sudden storm and cashes into an island. Lara washes up on shore to see most of the crew has survived only to get knocked out and captured moments later. When she comes to, she makes the horrifying discovery that this island is inhabited by insane cult who worships the ancient queen of Yamatai and is trapped on the island. Lara must now do everything she can to survive, save her friends and figure out the mysteries of this dangerous island.

While the story seems simple at first, it actually gets surprisingly deep and becomes very interesting as you try to figure out the island’s mystery. I won’t spoil it but it left me guessing for about 70% of the game. You find out more clues by collecting the many letters that can be found across the island. Unlike other games where finding letters and documents to read to get more insight to the story, which is rather boring by the way, in Tomb Raider, it’s actually very interesting. It helps that the letters are read to you with some great voice work and it’s clear that a lot of thought and research went into the story and setting by the developers. There are also some elements which really reminded me of Apocalypse Now, which is one of my favorite movies so it definitely scored some points there. But that’s not really the big focus of the game. The focus is on Lara Croft and how she goes from being a kind of nerdy grad major in archaeology to becoming the ass kicking survivalist she has always been known as. Lara goes through some rough stuff throughout this game. She gets all kinds of beat up, sees unspeakable horrors, and is forced to do things she never thought she would have to do. Thankfully, this is all handled and paced very well. It has some epic and triumphant moments that really make you connect with Lara as a character. This is not only done with the character development and voice acting but with Lara’s character model itself but I’ll get to that later.

Some people have complained that this game is short. Yes, maybe it’s short if you speed run the game, ignoring all the collectables, tombs to explore, and all the cute scenes. This game isn’t super long but it’s not super short either. It took me around five days to complete the main story and there is plenty of stuff in the game I have yet to find or explore. If you want to play through it and get a 100% it’ll take you awhile. The game also has a good ending that sets up the new series of Tomb Raider games. I can’t wait.

GAMEPLAY: First let’s look at the good and there is a lot of good. While the island isn’t completely open world, it does have a lot to explore. There are so many nooks and crannies to find the many relics, letters, weapon parts, tombs, and other collectables throughout the game. You have an instinct mode that you can flip on to see collectables and stuff you can interact with in the environment. It reminds me a lot of detective mode from the Batman Arkham games. The plat forming used to explore is where this game gets really fun. It requires you to really think about how to reach a certain areas. Most of the time, this is easy enough but then there are the optional tombs that really put your plat forming puzzle skills to the test. By the way, solving the tombs is important to fully upgrade your weapons. Rock climbing, making zip lines, and traversing across the varied plat forms across the island made of old Japanese buildings and scrap from planes and ships becomes second nature and is a lot of fun with the game’s tight controls. Lara is a very good jumper. I guess she played some B-Ball in college.

The game’s combat is its other strong point in terms of gameplay. Lara gets a bow and arrow, hand gun, shotgun, and assault rifle throughout the game that are upgradeable. You acquire upgrades by finding scavenged parts all across the island and in the tombs. While all the weapons are fun to use, I found myself using the bow and arrow the most. What I also like about the weapons is that they have more than one function. The bow and arrow can be used to create zip lines or use fire arrows to burn away blocked paths. The shotgun and grenade launcher can blow open new paths. The rock climbing ax is also a melee weapon.  Combat itself is very fun once you get the hang of it. It’s not like most shooters where you can run in and mow people down with no problem. You have to use stealth and be strategic when confronting enemies. If you go charging in shooting at everything, you’ll just get your ass handed to you. This can be frustrating at first but you aren’t thrown into the more difficult fights till later on so hopefully you’re comfortable by then. Lara also levels up and gains skills that improve various things from rock climbing speed, melee combat, finishing moves, ect. Once you have some of these unlocked, combat becomes much more fun.

Now to some of the things that I didn’t like: Quick Time Events. Over the past couple of years, I have really come to hate QTEs and sadly, Tomb Raider has them. I will say most of them are not too bad and happen not all that often but the ones that require you to hit a certain button at just the right time always messed me up. There was one part where I died five times in a row because I couldn’t get the timing right.  However, I don’t find this to be a deal breaker as they can be in other games (Resident Evil 6) as these types of QTEs are pretty rare throughout the game. It also comes in the form of a dodge mechanic in combat but it’s easier to pull off then. So yeah, the QTEs can be frustrating but I’ve seen worse.

The rest of the game’s short comings mostly just come in the form of missed opportunities. There is a hunting mechanic but other than just getting some extra XP it’s rather pointless. The only time you have to hunt is for the tutorial and after that you don’t have to do it anymore. There are lots of games that have a hunting mechanic but I’ve only seen two that require you to hunt and do it more than once in order to progress through the game: Metal Gear Solid 3 and Far Cry 3. It falls flat in Tomb Raider because Lara has regenerating health like most games these days. While Lara can’t take much punishment, all she has to do is get into cover for awhile to recover.  Having to collect animal meat and use it to replenish a health bar (don’t see those too much these days anymore) would have added another element to the game instead of the all too common recover system. A body temperature mechanic would have been interesting to see as there are parts of the game where Lara is up in the mountains. I’m wondering how she did not freeze to death wearing that tank top up there. Once again, having to keep watch of how cold she got could have added another element to the survival theme they were going for. Also there is no new game plus. You can go back to the island once you’ve beaten the game but there are no enemies to fight and it’s pretty much just if you want to collect everything in the game. With the enemies missing, it makes things less interesting. I’d rather just try to collect everything again in another play through. One last bit of disappointment is the pointlessly tacked on multiplayer. It’s just a third person death match type thing. I have no interest in it. I find it kind of annoying that so many game developers think they need to shoe horn in a multiplayer mode when the single player is more than good enough.

GRAPHICS AND SOUND: This game is amazingly beautiful. It’s one of those games that you look at everything on the screen and marvel at its beauty. A lot of work went into the landscape of the island and levels designed around it. There are also some very graphic tombs littered with dead bodies. This is a very violent game by the way. Speaking of violence, Lara experiences some Resident Evil style deaths here and there throughout the game if you fail certain sections and many of them are pretty graphic. I think the biggest technical achievement of this game is the character model of Lara though. The way Lara moves, acts and reacts to various environments and events in while game is very impressive. She moves like a real person. I’ve never seen anything like it really. It gives an excellent level of connection to the character. The other characters look great as well but you can tell lots of extra care when into designing Lara. A friend of mine said the graphics on Lara were almost too good.

Excellent voice acting helps back up the great character designs. Camilla Luddington voices Lara for her first VA role in a video game and she does an amazing job with capturing the emotions that Lara goes through in this game. I look forward to hearing her reprise the role in the future. The music is fitting but nothing I am willing to go out and download to listen to in my spare time but it fits the Japanese island theme and has some powerful and epic moments as well.

Overall, Tomb Raider is an excellent reboot to a franchise I previously did not care about. It has its flaws but I do not feel that they bring the game down very much. I was originally planning to give this game 10 out of 10 but those damn QTEs really make it hard for me to honestly give it that high of a score. Regardless, this game is a must play for adventure fans and long time Tomb Raider fans. If you’ve never been interested in the series or never played it like me, this is a great place to start and the start of a promising new future for Lara Croft with lots of potential. This is a strong contender for game of the year. Thanks for reading and look for my next review on Injustice: Gods Among Us coming in a couple weeks. I will be reviewing Bioshock Infinite but sadly, due to finical reasons, it’s going to be awhile before I can get to it.


-Excellent graphics and gameplay
-Lara Croft’s character and character model are extremely impressive
-Great story

-Some frustrating QTEs
-Missed opportunities with the survival theme
-Needlessly tacked on multiplayer

Monday, April 1, 2013

BEAR Game Review

Fallout 3, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Skyrim, Super Mario Bros 3… These games are nothing compared to the pure brilliance and epicness that is BEAR for the Xbox 360! You will never have a more amazing and immersive experience than being a BEAR in the Alaskan wilderness. This is the definitive BEAR experience we have all be waiting for. I smell a GOTY on our hands, folks.

STORY: You’re a BEAR … HELL YEAH! You’re hungry, slightly agitated, and you need to find enough food to hibernate for the winter.  Your father was killed by a hunter and you want blood thirsty revenge before the winter comes as well as finding a suitable mate. Truly a gripping story as you move through the woods and mountains looking for deer, salmon, cows, and humans to feed on. With a nearly 4 month gameplay length and multiple endings, BEAR has one hell of a compelling story.

GAMEPLAY: As a BEAR, you can swat, charge, roar, tackle, poop, and bite your enemies and food. Seamlessly switches between first person and third person to deal to your foes the types of punishments that only a BEAR can deliver. With over 20 different mate choices, the game also makes for a great dating sim. The salmon catching mini-game is a lot of fun as is the hunt or hunted mode where you hunt people. The game has over 40 areas to explore such as the wilderness, mountains, and suburban Anchorage. The multiplayer is also awesome! Move over Call of Duty! With over 60 customizable BEARS to play as in death matches, capture the cub, and king of the cave matches. The multiplayer for BEAR is a lot of fun and addictive.

GRAPHICS AND SOUND: Simply amazing. The most photo realistic game I’ve ever seen. Even more so on the PC. It feels like a bear is going to reach out of the screen and eat you and you can taste the salmon. BEAR boasts an epic sound track preformed by Hans Zimmer. The voice acting of the bears is just amazing. I think they flew in some grizzlies from Yellow Stone Park to do the voice acting and it really stands out as some of the best VA work I’ve ever heard in a video game.
Overall, BEAR is a must have game for anyone ever. You will not leave your tv or PC while playing this amazing game because it is just so good. Trade in or throw all your other games away because this is the only game you’ll ever need from now on. Go play BEAR now. NOW!

OVERALL: 9001/10

-You’re a BEAR!
-You get the kill and eat stuff!
-Did I mention that you are a BEAR?!