Friday, December 14, 2012

Super Nitpicky Avengers Review

 (Originally written July 19, 2012)
The Avengers…. Oh boy!



Is one of the best movies I’ve seen since Inglorious Basterds. If you haven’t seen it, go see it. NOW! DROP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING! GO SEE IT! IT’S FREAKING EPIC!

Overall: 10/10 FIVE STARS … Whatever, it’s amazing.

It did take me awhile to see it though. Various reasons kept me from seeing till a little over a month after it came out. Now I posted on facebook when I went to see it that I was going to try and hate it and people were like why would you try to do that? At first it was to be all hipster like to be the only person not liking it or giving into the hype as I was honestly having a hard time believe that sooo many people liked this. Really. For weeks I couldn’t get on facebook (and still can’t) without seeing all kinds about how amazing The Avengers was. I was proven wrong though. It really was as good as everyone said. It was so good I willingly saw it twice which is something I rarely do. I think I wanted to find something to hate because I was thinking this movie might be having the same effect that James Cameron’s Avatar had on people. I remember when that movie came out everyone was buzzing about how amazing it was and going to see it multiple times ect. Then after about two months it kinda plateaued and then after it made more money than any other movie and got nominated for a bunch of awards, everyone started to hate it.  I was worried that The Avengers was going to have the same effect Avatar had with a love then hate relationship. But it kicked so many asses, I can’t see that happening. It wasn’t even the action scenes that made this movie good, it was seeing all the super heroes interacting with each other. Mark Ruffalo was the best Hulk to date and look forward to seeing him in future Marvel movies.

All in all, I am definitely buying movie when it comes out on blu-ray and you should too! 

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